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for working women

In this free PDF, you’ll gain knowledge by understanding 6 of the most shocking and prevalent facts that are common in our workplaces (and societies).



In this free toolkit, you get protocols and practices you can incorporate in your daily life right away to start experiencing more joy, more ease, and more energy! 


let go of perfection

If you’re like the majority of women who wish they could lower their standards every once in a while, this PDF shares 7 evidence-based ways to do so. 

Audio Book Series - Goodbye Perfect

find and live


In this 5 part audio series, Homaira reads the chapter on Purpose from her new book Goodbye, Perfect. You’ll understand what purpose is, how to uncover it, the objections that will come up, and how to live it regardless.


I’m a mentor, author, researcher, women’s cheerleader, dedicated to helping you create an outer life that reflects your inner potential.

My work is grounded in years of scientific study and research to help you break through your inner barriers and boldly pursue your wildly authentic life. 


Goodbye, Perfect is a science-backed and soulful journey of reaching for our highest potential by working through our fears and embracing out authentic expression.

It takes a compassionate approach to self-improvement that’s based on the simple premise: our light exists only in relation to our darkness. The most powerful turning points in life happen when we do the inner work of self-awareness.


Ever feel that going through life is like driving on a highway? One minute you’re cruising along, and the next you miss an exit or find yourself in a traffic jam?

The Life is a Highway podcast is about living a good life as an imperfect human being in an imperfect world. Its where we talk about everyday experiences—what the living do and feel—in order to learn and grow through them. Or sometimes simply laugh at them.