A support system to live a happier, more resilient and more authentic life no matter what comes your way.

Is this you?

You want to be more present and patient with your loved ones yet react a little too often despite your best intentions.
You long to live a more purposeful life, but don’t have tools and guidance to know what it is or how to do so consistently.
You feel engaged and connected when things are going your way, but slip back into old patterns when life gets stressful or you face setbacks or criticism.
You feel like things just keep coming at you and you don’t have a minute to notice life’s magic, or enjoy the good things you’re aware of.
You’ve tried to create more ease and balance in your life, but it’s just ended up being more work.

If you relate with any of this, take a deep breath and relax.

We got you.

The Goodbye Perfect Membership is a support system for living with grace and authenticity in the real world.  

It offers you validated tools, strategies, practices and trainings to help you grow into your best self in a gentler, more progressive way, and alongside the resources and constraints of your inner and outer life.

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How the Goodbye Perfect
Membership Works

The membership is not a program, nor is it a quick fix (there rarely is).  

What I offer you is a place for reflection, for working with your emotions, for deeper alignment with your core, and for strengthening the ground from which you have the power to choose your response.  

A Beautiful Portal

Everything is housed in a beautiful online portal—consider it a library where you go to connect with your true self and realign with your North Star. You’ll find science backed information, tools and practices, evidence based worksheets, blog posts, audio reflections, meditations, mini courses and more.
New content is added regularly. There’s no pressure to engage with new or existing content unless it’s relevant to you at the time. Just as in a real library, you reach for what you need when you need it.

Easy to Access

The content is categorized by themes and topics so it’s easy to find. The 3 overarching themes are related to the 3 key “marriages” of life—to work (however you define it), to others (connection) and to yourself (which includes wellbeing, joy and meaning). 
Within each theme, you’ll find topics such as resilience, compassion, generosity, courage, focus, motivation, celebration, love, forgiveness, longing, zest, purpose, transitions, grief…

Monthly Gatherings 

Once a month, we meet on Zoom to talk about anything and everything related to living with intention, compassion and courage. There’s no agenda and no teaching on the call. It’s a place to feel supported and to find strength in our shared experience. 
Please join us when you want to talk about your experience, work through a challenge, go deeper into some of the themes, or simply when you want to be in the company of other women on a similar journey. Calls will be recorded and posted on the portal.

A Knowledgeable Guide

Everything I offer you is grounded in the science of flourishing, my postgraduate research on women’s confidence, and over a decade of coaching experience helping women own their gifts and actualize their potential.
In the world we live in, there’s no end of information on how to live well. But very little of it is backed by evidence. I bring you not only what’s proven to work, but also my heartfelt desire to help you live your best life.
THERE ARE NO “SHOULDS”. The membership is a support system.
I offer you tools, practices, information and teachings from science and contemplative traditions, and you’re free to choose your own adventure. 
Do what you can. What you feel ready for. Come back to something else when life calls for it. Let your recovering perfectionist know that there’s no right way.  It’s all up to you!

what other members are saying




The people in your life are lucky to have you.

“Dear Homaira, you give me a lot to think about and guide me through difficult issues in my life. You give me positive energy when all I feel is negative. The people in your life are lucky to have you.” – JUDEE

What a gift!

“A kind, thorough, and thoughtful teacher! Homaira has taught me to listen and recognize signs in my body that suggest feelings of fear and insecurity. Being attentive with a more open heart and mind, I have gained a stronger sense of self and thus have become more compassionate in my relationships. What a gift!” – BARB 

Merci for your timely words of wisdom

“What I love most about you is finding you in my everyday quest to resonate with a soulful life. Merci for your timely words of wisdom. It’s the idea of seek & you shall find. I found you in my quest.” -KELLYANN




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The Change
You'll Experience

There’s an old Native American story that has been retold in many traditions. 
A wise grandparent is telling their grandchild that she has two wolves in her heart who are always at war with each other. One is loving, forgiving and kind. The other is greedy, vicious and judgmental. 
Our world feeds the wolf of negativity, hate, self-pity, fear and reactivity. Our lesser instincts. Our smaller selves. 

The Goodbye Perfect membership feeds your wolf of love, because we’re made to be one with the world.

Overtime, you’ll notice you’re less reactive. Less threatened, distracted, clingy, jealous, or unhappy in some way.

More calm, and at peace with who you are.

More loving, present and connected with those around you.

More joyful and on purpose, because you’ll be doing what you’re here to do.

More courageous, cause when you live on purpose, it speaks louder than your fears.

And when life throws you off and people are challenging—because it’s bound to happen—you can respond with the better angels of your true nature.

Why the membership is
special to me…

I believe in human potential. I’m in awe of the human spirit. I’m moved to tears when I see people show up in ways that inspire something deep within us—our own silent potential to be bigger and better versions of ourselves.
I created the membership as a way for each of us to tend and till the soil where our potential can actualize. Because I believe this is essential work. Our world is going through a massive transformation. And we’re each being called to do our part. 
The late Terry Patten, philosopher, activist and social entrepreneur wrote: “Our evolutionary crisis is forging a new kind of 21st-century hero—one who looks just like you.”

You and I are the heros we’re waiting for.

This is the essence of feminine spirituality—not Superwoman, nor sailing above your emotional life. It is about being connected with the empathic bonds that make you who you are and doing the work in your small spheres of home, workplace or community. 
So take a moment to ask yourself how you want to live. Ask yourself what you want your life to be about. 
The membership will help you live that life in small and meaningful ways. In the way you fold the laundry, in how you show up for your difficult teenager or take a stand for what’s important. In the chutzpah with which you embrace joy, and in your willingness to relax into what is already beautiful and alive. 
And it will support you all the way because a whole-hearted life is a continual falling back and stepping forth. A continual derailing and coming back with the compassion and grace that is our birthright. 
Together, let’s create a more sane, compassionate and purpose-driven world, one soulful individual and one small action at a time. Please  join us! 




I want to thank you for giving hope

“I want to thank you for giving hope that we don’t have to settle with our daily struggles. Something can be done to improve it and your advices are here to help us along the way. And for providing the contexts and situations where I can identify myself (understand that I am not alone in this situation!) and put another perspective to it.” – JOY SWEET


I would say your work is perfect

“Homaira, I am absolutely amazed by you and your work, and feel so privileged to receive your love, compassion and wisdom. Really SOOO beautiful!!! I can’t find words to tell you the powerful spirit that you project , and with such a high level of conceptual and practical understanding. I would say your work is perfect.” – KATHERINE BARKLEY


You are needed.

“I want you to know your words hit home with me every time. It’s truly sad that we are all struggling, but in my world of being a single, childless (by choice) working woman of 56, still trying to shake free from the intense trauma of my childhood, you speak words that help me to feel there is still hope for me, and a future of self empowerment to work toward. Keep going. You are needed.” – MONIQUE




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As soon as you register, you’ll receive an email with a link to sign up to the membership portal. Browse the portal. See what feels relevant to you right now. Or explore a topic that you’re curious about. Most importantly, pace yourself—nothing is going anywhere!

For as long as you want! We created the membership as a support system to help you live with intention, compassion and courage. We see this as ongoing work, which is why we’ve done our best to make the membership affordable to all.

There is no set schedule by which new content is released. You can expect smaller content (meditations, blogs, worksheets, inspirational quotes etc) to be added every couple of weeks. Larger content (mini-courses, workbooks, trainings etc) is generally added once a month. You’ll receive a notification in your inbox when it happens. 

DO NOT feel pressured to interact with it right away unless you wish to do so. The membership is your library—just as in a real library, you reach for what you need when you need it.

The Goodbye Perfect membership is a support system to live a happier, more resilient and more authentic life in a world that doesn’t make it easy. The Goodbye Perfect program, on the other hand, is a 20 week transformational journey that builds the confidence to actualize your potential. As such, the membership can be both a stand-alone, or a wonderful way to continue the growth and learning from the program.

There is no “have to” in the membership—or in any of our offerings. You’re welcome to attend if you have time, questions, or want to be in the company of other heart-centered women. It’s YOUR life—you create your journey. All calls are recorded and uploaded on the membership portal.

Yes, payments auto process once a month (or once a year for the annual option), around the same day you registered.

Of course! If you’d like to change your monthly subscription to an annual subscription (and save!), please contact us at and we’ll be happy to do so as soon as your month is up.

If you find the membership isn’t what you’d hoped for, or need to cancel for any other reason, you can email us to cancel your upcoming renewal. Contact us at least two weeks prior to your billing date. Please provide the email address that you enrolled with. Once your cancellation is processed, you’ll have access to the membership portal until the end of your billing cycle.