Here are your results

If you scored below 10

in any of the 3 areas of work, relationships and appearance, it’s a good thing! Here’s what it means:

You’re able to:
• engage with that area of your life without feeling judged or stressed out
• let go of criticism or setbacks without beating down on yourself or blaming others
• have reasonable expectations of yourself and seek growth over perfection
• forgive yourself for mistakes, and move on without the need to prove yourself


If you scored above 10

in any of the 3 areas, you likely depend on praise, approval or success in that area to feel confident.

While some degree of dependence is normal and may not appear to have a negative impact on how you live and show up at work or in your relationships, it does keep you from growing into the best version of who you can be. 

The higher your score, the more you’ll feel stuck or unhappy in that area of your life.

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