What is your relationship with where you live?

Episode 07 - My Marathon, My Mountain


In this episode, “What is your relationship with where you live?” Homaira explores the work of author Sharon Blackie and her reflection on how our relationship with where we live or come from impacts our wellbeing. 

It’s a raw episode where Homaira shares how her father’s posting as a diplomat to a country she didn’t feel connection with at a time when connection is even more essential to our sense of self, led to her eating disorder. Listen for your own reflections on your sense of belonging, and how it impacts your daily experience of life. 

In particular, we talk about: 

  • The complexities of forming genuine connections with our surroundings
  • The primal yearning for connection to ancestral landscapes
  • Strategies to forge meaningful connection even amid feelings of dislocation and detachment.
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Want to be on the
My Marathon,
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