What do we do when we regret not being there for others?

Episode 10 - My Marathon, My Mountain


We’re a relational species. We find joy and fulfillment in being there for others. But we can also be judgmental, mean or weak when we could’ve been kinder or more helpful. We’re imperfect after all—and sometimes others don’t make it easy either for us to be who we want to be.

And so, we will all carry regrets in our relationships. In fact, if we don’t, we likely never engaged fully with the people in our lives.

In this episode, Homaira emphasizes the importance of repair in our relationships, and the two distinct forms that it can take to strengthen our relationships and start living in alignment with who we want to be.

Some of the topics we cover are:

  • The importance of non-judgment toward ourselves.
  • The magic of repair and why it’s ongoing work.
  • Practical steps to re engage from a place of sincerity.
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Want to be on the
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