The 3rd leg of the “Goal Stool”

Episode 06 - My Marathon, My Mountain

In “The 3rd Leg of the ‘Goal Stool’,” Homaira talks about why so many goals and resolutions don’t make it very far despite meticulous planning and well-meaning intentions. It’s a reminder that sustained growth toward any long term goal requires more than a vision and a plan. 

Most of us have experienced this—we tend to have an exciting vision when we set out to achieve our goals. We also have a detailed plan of action, including a plan B or C, so when obstacles happen, we know what to do.

But within a month or so, most goals and resolutions are a thing of the past. Despite a vision and a plan (and a month of trying), we end up feeling bad about ourselves. What is this 3rd leg of the “goal stool”? What else do our goals need that most of us aren’t paying attention to? Listen to find out!

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