Integrating purpose into your life

Episode 12 - My Marathon, My Mountain

Today’s topic is an important one, because finding our purpose, but not living it is the source of much regret, disillusionment and hopelessness in our lives. If you hear yourself saying I need to wait until the kids leave home, or I need more clarity on my purpose, or I can’t follow my passions because I need to pay the bills, then you’ll surely gain from this episode! 

Homaira continues reading from her newly released book Goodbye, Perfect (published by Sourcebooks)—Episode 11 was Part 1 of this 2-part reading—to shine the light on the many ways fear shows up when we find our purpose, and what we can do to distance ourselves from it.

She then shares 3 distinct ways we can integrate purpose into our everyday lives, so we fulfill our responsibilities without putting our soulful needs on the backburner of our lives. You’ll get to embrace the liberating concept of “BOTH / AND” that is key to saying goodbye to perfect and living with a brave heart and a joyful soul.

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Want to be on the
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