Honoring Ageing Parents

Episode 13 - My Marathon, My Mountain


Today’s topic will likely resonate with a lot of people who have aging parents or in-laws, and who are struggling to be who they want to be as their adult children. If you’re feeling triggered, resentful, or angry, or experiencing the inner turmoil of not living in alignment with your values—unless you’ve justified why you’re right in doing so—this episode is for you! 

With wisdom and empathy, Homaira extends a compassionate hand to those of us who find ourselves in a challenging caregiving role, as well as reminding us of the importance of  seeing and acknowledging the humanity in our parents. She talks about what it means to make people seen, the beauty of “5-minute favors”, and a science backed strategy to be guided by our intuition and by who we want to be. 

Tune in to this episode as she shares practical strategies and heartfelt reflections to help you find guidance in your own heart and intuition!

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Want to be on the
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