Does the pursuit of longevity promote ageism?

Episode 08 - My Marathon, My Mountain

“Does the pursuit of longevity promote ageism?” is a thought-provoking episode at a time when longevity science is at the forefront of many discussions. 

Homaira reflects on the complex interplay between the desire for a longer life and its implications on our attitudes towards aging. She talks about the many implications of placing longevity at the forefront of our priorities and the importance of cultivating mindfulness in our quest for a longer life. The goal is to harmonize the pursuit of longevity with embracing the natural process of aging.

Some of the themes we discuss: 

  • The motivations behind pursuing longevity—is it a means or the ultimate goal?
  • The insidious effects of ageism and its impact on adult development.
  • The concept of elderhood and its significance within the fabric of society.
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