A different kind of podcast

In this podcast, I share my everyday experiences of life—the ones we all go through—with the purpose of helping us reflect more deeply about them so we grow through them.

I’ve learnt in my life that this is something I’ve always done. I’m never silent in my head. I’m always asking questions and processing information, always aware of the fragility of the ground we stand on, and how easy it is to slip from profound wisdom to crazy madness.

As I share my insights, fears and failings, I hope for two things in particular. One, is to help you be more accepting and forgiving of yourself. Living is not for the faint-hearted—you will stumble and fall again and again. I hope it brings a sense of okayness to it all.

And secondly, I hope it helps you see your own brilliance and to tap into your inherent wisdom and courage. Because eventually our stories are all the same. And when we listen to others tell their story, we see the hero in ourselves.

I believe this to be my purpose in life—to be the window through which you can see into your soul. Because the soul is where you’ll find your fears, longings and sources of love and light.


How the name came about…

Do you remember the song from the early 1990s called Like is a Highway by Tom Cochrane? As newly weds, me and my husband would think it was really cool to cruise through downtown Toronto at night with the song blaring loudly in our car 🙂

Fast forward many decades and one day me and my four kids were trying to get somewhere in a new city and without a GPS. I missed the exit and there we were, speeding along on the highway, without a clue as to where we were going.

A couple of kids started crying in the backseat, and the panic built up. I began feeling a little numb and woozy in my head. And then out of nowhere, the song came back to me—and with it came a sense of relief.

Life is a highway after all, I thought. How easy it is to miss the exit and lose our direction.

AND—how easy it is to get back on the highway if we don’t start beating ourselves up for having missed the exit.

That is what a GPS does for us. As the wonderful psychotherapist Sylvia Boorstein says, we can always be the GPS in the car—when we make a mistake, we need to learn to simply say Recalculating, until we figure out how to get back on track.

This podcast is everything on the highway—the fun, the misses and the recalculating. Stay tuned!

Episode One

What’s in a name?

What do we want it to convey to others?
How do we want it to impact us?

On this very first episode of Life is a Highway, Homaira shares how the name of her podcast came about, and the one message that can help us stay guided on life’s highway.


Episode Two

What “best” are you striving toward?

In this episode, we’ll explore the concept of a good life, and whether our ideals are true to who we are, and even possible for the lives we live as women. Could they be the source of our stress and unhappiness? And can we set ideals that actually lift us up and make us feel good about ourselves?  

Episode Three

Who are you being called to be?

This episode is about getting clear on a vision that feels real and precious to you, and on an identity that you need to embody in order to move toward it. 

Homaira shares 2 ways that you can put into practice right away – especially if you’re going through a transition at this time in your life. 


Episode Four

How do you want to experience your life?

In this final episode of 2022, Homaira reflects on the experience of life, and what we can each do to live it fully. She shares what it means to live each day as your first and your last, and why it is important given life is challenging and uncertain.

Listen for inspiration on who you want to be and how you want to show up going forward, because it’s something that’s likely already at the back of your mind at this time of the year!

Episode Five

Set yourself up for success in your goals

Often when we think of our goals, we think of we’ll do to achieve them. But successful goal achievement is so much more than that…especially for long term goals. In this episode, discover how to set yourself up for success in ways that energize you, instead of depleting you to the point that you give up on your goals.

We’ll explore the three key relationships that are essential for success, and you’ll walk away with practical steps you can implement right away to re-fuel the goals and aspirations that may be losing their spark.

If you’d like your days filled with a lot more joy, ease and motivation, this episode is for you. Enjoy!

Episode Six

The 3rd leg of the “Goal Stool”

We normally have an exciting vision when we set out to achieve our goals. We also have a detailed plan of action, including a plan B or C, so when obstacles happen, we know what to do.

There’s one small problem: most of us don’t achieve our goals. Studies show what we already know—within a month or so, most goals and resolutions are a thing of the past. Despite a vision and a plan (and a month of trying), we end up feeling bad about ourselves.

Episode Seven

What is your relationship with where you live?

What role does our relationship with “place” play in our lives? Does it matter how much we feel part of the land, neighborhood or city we live in?

In this episode, I talk about author Sharon Blackie’s reflections on “place”, with reference to my unhappy relationship with a certain place early in my life, and how it may contributed to the eating disorder that followed.

Podcast Episoded 7

Latest Episode Now

Does the pursuit of longevity promote ageism?

Longevity vs ageism—are the two at war with each other? Or is there room for happy co-existence where we can live long with health and meaning?

In this episode, I reflect on what the focus on longevity may be doing to our collective psyche and beliefs, and why it is important to be mindful in our pursuit for a longer life!


Episode Six

What “best” are you striving toward?

In this episode, we’ll explore the concept of a good life, and whether our ideals are true to who we are, and even possible for the lives we live as women. Could they be the source of our stress and unhappiness? And can we set ideals that actually lift us up and make us feel good about ourselves?  


I’m a mentor, author, researcher, women’s cheerleader, dedicated to helping you create an outer life that reflects your inner potential.

My work is grounded in years of scientific study and research to help you break through your inner barriers and boldly pursue your wildly authentic life.