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4 Tools to Deal
with People Who Sulk

We all know them. The people who relish in the silent treatment.

It needn’t be anything fight-worthy at all. They can go into the classic sulk state and drive you insane until you give in and beg them to tell you what they’re upset about. And it’s not like they’ll tell you the minute you ask. It’s often when you get this close to giving up that out pours their long and miserable saga of victimhood.



Episode 4: How Do You Experience Your Life

In this episode, Homaira reflects on the experience of life, and what we can each do to live it fully. She shares what it means to live each day as your first and your last, and why it is important given life is challenging and uncertain.

Listen for inspiration on who you want to be and how you want to show up going forward, because it’s something that’s likely already at the back of your mind at this time of the year!


Feel Like An Imposter? Here’s What You Must Do

When you read the word celebration, what feeling does it evoke in you? I ask because for most women, celebration can bring up mixed feelings.

On the one hand, it can make us uncomfortable. Many of us grow up being told that celebrating ourselves or our achievements isn’t very lady-like, or that it would make others feel bad about themselves or their lives.