Kathleen P., Los Angeles, CA

Working with Homaira Kabir was a provocative and thoughtful experience. Her voice is soothing and gentle, yet she does not shy away from tackling some challenging issues that may be getting in the way of our confidence and success. The biggest change I’ve noticed is how rooted my self-confidence is in early childhood experiences and how those formative experiences still shape my life today, and how important it is to be mindful and stay present. Her course is filled with citations that help make the case of why the course is tackling a particular subject or why the exercises help us open up to be more confident.

I had not expected the course to be as deep as it was, and the time I invested in the exercises yielded interesting food for thought. And the exercises were varied enough so that I did not experience unpleasant repetition. Through it all, Homaira is positive and cheerful and a confident leader.

The on-line course had flexible pacing, so it could be fit into a busy schedule. It’s good for someone who is self-directed and comfortable working solo, as well for shy folks who may be uncomfortable working through these topics in a group setting. During my on-line course, Homaira was also available by email for a few questions, so I felt I got the help I needed. Understanding self-confidence is a deeper issue that one may think, and it’s worth spending the time to understand yourself.

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