Break through old beliefs
Ignite your own greatness
And help other women
do the same!

Coming September 2024

Are you committed to making
a difference in women's lives?

Then this training is for you!

EMPOWER is designed to create life-changing results for you and the women you guide, coach, mentor, or lead.

It’s a dual training program that ignites transformation through a practical framework called POWERFUL™ that’s backed by research and proven to unlock women’s potential in any area of life.


Build Personal Mastery

You work through each step of the framework to gain mastery of the framework and create the outcomes you want in an area of life where you feel stuck or know that more is possible.


Unlock Women’s Potentials

You simultaneously develop transformational coaching skills and capacities that empower women to deepen their awareness, own their power and take charge of their goals and growth.

Meet Your Guide

Homaira Kabir is a women’s personal and professional development coach with a dual master’s degree in Positive Psychology and Coaching Psychology. She created the POWERFUL™ framework based on 10+ years of coaching experience and psychological research on the underlying factors that limit women’s joy and success.

POWERFUL™ is a BOTTOM-UP approach that’s essential for women’s joy and success. It has been tested with thousands of women across all stages and areas of life with transformative results in their health, relationships, success, confidence and more.

Through identity work and personal transformation, women develop the beliefs, mindsets, skills, and capacities that catalyze exponential results without trying harder, because they’re no longer striving from a place of lack or insecurity.

High achievers aren’t the same
as low achievers, but with more hard work.
They’re doing something different.

EMPOWER is for you if you guide women in any of these capacities:

A professional coach or aspiring coach

A professional coach or aspiring coach

A professional coach or aspiring coach

A professional coach or aspiring coach

A professional coach or aspiring coach

A professional coach or aspiring coach

In a crowded market of coaching and helping professionals, it’s your opportunity to save yourself years of study and experimentation through a ready-to-use framework and elevate your rates and impact by getting to the heart of what holds women back from creating extraordinary results in their lives.

If you’re tired of pushing yourself and doing everything possible but experiencing limited results with the women you coach, guide, lead, or love—or with yourself—this journey is for you! 

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