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EMERGE is a 2-tiered personal and professional development program to support you in rising to your full potential with joy and authenticity and without harming your health and relationships.

It’s underpinned by psychological research on women’s empowerment and tested with thousands of women around the world in different roles, industries, and stages of life and career. 

The Numbers


I have a plan for my life vision and career growth


I can take confident action


I have tools to manage my emotions and fears


I feel supported in my work and life


I know how to prioritize my wellbeing


I feel authentic in my leadership

The Transformations

Mari Shimoff


“Homaira’s coaching was incredibly valuable – she underscored the importance of centering my values and creating healthy boundaries in order to show up as my best self as a compassionate manager and leader. Her guidance has helped me focus on true priorities that meet life and career goals and identify ways to leverage my natural character strengths to build more authentic relationships with colleagues.”

June Katzschner

Dr. Marshall Goldsmith


“Subscribing to the program has been one of the most validating and valuable experiences I have committed to in a long while. Homaira is a gifted psychologist/ coach who brings a deep knowledge of Positive Psychology and research to the program, combined with genuine empathy, intuition and wisdom. The former promotes clarity and understanding among participants...Read More

Lizzane Knights

Dorie Clark


Your wisdom and guidance that opened up my self-awareness and self compassion. Homaira, thanks for your wisdom and guidance that opened up my self-awareness and self-compassion. I see myself as a changed person, and I’m so glad this is the self that I can bring to my parenting in particular, and to life in general.

Gwen Tran

Tier 1

Grounded Confidence

Recognize the implicit beliefs and behaviors that sabotage your growth and develop the skills and capacities that strengthen the 3 key sources of women’s power. 

Tier 2

Powerful Growth 

Develop the essential skills, support, and mindset shifts that advance your professional growth and help you succeed even in challenging workplaces and environments. 

EMERGE includes the inner work of transformation and the development of essential skills that support women’s career, leadership and life success, and nothing like it exists in professional development.

Leadership development work
for women is insufficient without identity work.

Herminia Ibarra – Charles Handy Professor of Organisational Behaviour at London Business School 
and the author of Act Like a Leader, Think Like a Leader

You’ll transform your internal structures
and stand in your power in the
external structures that limit your joy and success.

Meet Your Guide

EMERGE is created and led by Homaira Kabir, author, researcher, and women’s confidence and leadership development coach. Her seminal postgraduate research on women’s confidence upends everything we know about how women flourish and has helped thousands of women around the world step into their potential and lead inspired and joyful lives.

Her work is dedicated to the rise of women as a moral imperative and as the path to a fair and equitable world for all. With a dual master’s degree in Positive Psychology and Coaching Psychology, she brings her years of knowledge and experience to support women to take charge of their growth and leadership through her tested methodology and framework.


You’re ready to create the life and career YOU want (and not the one you’ve fallen into or feel you should have).

You want to stop over-giving and over-performing and not experiencing the results you know you deserve.

You’re juggling too many things and want more ease, grace, and balance in your personal and professional life.

You want to stop twisting yourself like a pretzel and own your voice and authentic self-expression without sabotaging your success.

You feel unsupported and burnt but but don’t know how to ask for help or who to turn to for career advice and advancement.

You want to move to the next level in your leadership and need guidance on how to do so craft your journey ahead.


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The EMERGE Journey

EMERGE is a 12-week journey of 6 modules divided into 12 lessons.

01 - Life Vision and

  • Recognize your inner critic
  • Manage stress and overwhelm
  • Own your strengths and wisdom

02 - Supportive

  • Let go of judgement
  • Speak up for your needs
  • Manage conflict

03 - Authenticity, Purpose
and Meaning

  • Let go of scarcity and lack
  • Bring back joy and creativity
  • Practice radical self-care 

04- Career Vision and
Leadership Identity

  • Define your success
  • 21st century leadership
  • Personal branding

05- Growth

  • Build your network
  • Gain visibility
  • Be an ally

06 - Career Growth
and Success

  • Know your current goals
  • Create a growth path
  • Grow through failure and setbacks 


EMERGE is designed for busy working women like you.

Lessons released weekly

Evidence-based curriculum

Virtual flexible learning

Time stamped video training

Guided worksheets for reflection and action

Monthly live group coaching with Homaira

Private member-only portal

Lifetime access to updated content 

“Your program helps me in more ways than I can describe in a paragraph. In the past I struggled with setting boundaries, managing stress, self doubt, heck, almost all the areas in this program pertained to me.Now I am able to cluster tasks, delegate work out, listen more intently, set boundaries & more. I was even able to tell someone I could no longer work on a project due to differences of opinions which relieved me of so much stress. Before this course I would never have been able to do that. I would have just added it onto my pile and complained about it to myself. My life has changed so much and for the better. Thank you, thank you, thank you Homaira for taking the time to share this with women; we need you and this program!”

Dawn S

“I went to Homaira to help me deal with some career challenges and developments in a new role. The work I have done with Homaira has enabled me to have a much clearer understanding of my values and character strengths, which has allowed me to re-define some of my key professional and personal goals and to start to work towards them in a positive, confident and balanced way. A really worthwhile and valuable experience.“

Gilliane Bowen

I’ve been amazed by the transformation. “The program offers so much value in a really practical and thoughtful way. In my role, I’ve done quite a bit of professional development work, so I didn’t think there was a lot for me to grow personally. I’ve been amazed by the transformation. It’s been wonderful to apply what I learnt in all areas of my life, including my role as a mother. THANK YOU Homaira for all the brilliance, thoughtfulness, knowledge, experience, and genuine care you project through your work. I’ve loved the experience and am truly grateful!”

Alice Ling

The program really helped me manage the moments of fear and take the actions to move forward. Previously, I would spend all my time and energy endlessly perfecting my business plan even though I really wanted to go out there and make a difference. But I was afraid. The program really helped me manage the moments of fear and take the actions to move forward. I also found that it became easier for me to do so overtime, which has been one of the greatest gifts of the program. I’ve now launched my business, even though it wasn’t “ready”, and am happily engaged in the work I feel called to do”

Shadie Hafez

The most helpful career learning and development opportunities I have taken I came to the program looking to unlock and address certain persistent patterns in my career. The process itself was probably one of the most helpful career learning and development opportunities I have taken. It was tailored to my practical immediate needs, as well as more long-term needs and ambitions. I gained perspective and tools to apply right away to situations I was facing at work, as well as tools that have impacted my approach to not only my professional path, but other areas of my life as well.

Sara Michel

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