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Companies with the best track records for gender diversity and racial justice address both systemic barriers AND personal barriers to advancement.

For over a decade, author, researcher, and women’s leadership expert Homaira Kabir has been empowering women around the world to stand in their power and step up to their potential.

She offers a refreshing, science-backed and woman-centric perspective that meets women where they are with empathy and openness.

Her unique approach is based on her research on women’s flourishing and underscores the importance of building an empowered identity as an essential first step in elevating women’s lives and leadership.

She has developed a research-backed framework of inner work and skills development that has been tested with hundreds of women around the world in different professions and at different stages of life and career. The results have consistently shown positive outcomes for their confidence, authenticity, relationships, allyship, emotional flexibility and leadership.

All her offerings are based in science, customizable to your organization’s needs, and delivered in her characteristic style that audiences find highly relatable.


Director, ForbesWomen Media
and Author: The Positive Journal

Homaira’s work has helped so many women because women can struggle to face their fears. She brings years of sound research and experience that gets to the heart of change, and not the same old that keeps women stuck. If you find yourself avoiding fears, she can help you, because there are so many more successes women can realize! ”


Senior Director, Executive
Development, Linkedin

“Homaira’s deep wisdom, science-based knowledge and genuine passion for helping women in their personal and professional growth is evident in all her work.”


Superintendent, American
British School

“Homaira’s work with out teachers and students has been inspirational. Not only does she have a way of connecting with their concerns and addressing their challenges, she has always left them empowered with practical, effective and research-backed tools that have made an evident difference in their work and life. We love having her!”



Invite Homaira for a talk or workshop that will inspire and empower your audience.

Homaira speaks widely in corporate, education and social sector, and conference settings on a variety of topics related to women’s life and career. Her deep knowledge, empathetic presence, relatable stories, and practical strategies will engage, inspire, and empower your audience to step up in their personal and professional lives.

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“A voice of tranquility and grace, Homaira gave a beautiful talk for us at Happify Health on increasing peace in our relationships. Participants found practical ways to have more respectful interactions and build more trusting relationships. They also connected with a deeper wisdom that helped them walk away with open hearts for their relationships at home and at work.” 

Abby Frackenpohl



Enroll a cohort from your organization in the ACHIEVE women’s leadership training program.

ACHIEVE is a highly experiential 16-week training program that is based on Homaira’s research. It consists of weekly group calls where she guides participants through each of 4 modules of women’s leadership and how they apply to their life and leadership. Women at any career stage can participate. It can also be customized to a cohort’s unique pain-points and goals.

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“The training resonated with all our female leaders and led to deep and transformative insights. Homaira’s compelling approach combines the latest cutting-edge research with simple, evidence-based practices to make measurable change. She also knows how to engage an audience intellectually and emotionally and ensure that every participant feels heard and empowered.” 

Jessica Amortegui


Reading Circles

Gather your women’s leadership network, team or department to read Goodbye, Perfect Homaira’s new book Goodbye, Perfect: How to Stop Pleasing, Proving, and Pushing for Others…And Live for Yourself has been named amongst the top ten women’s leadership books of 2023. Many organizations are reading it in their women’s leadership networks, teams or departments, guided by the comprehensive Reader’s Guide that we provide. You also have the opportunity to invite Homaira for an online kick-off gathering or Q&A.

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“If you’re looking for a page-turning read on how to stop people-pleasing and start being proactive on behalf of your own best self, this book’s for you. Read it and reap.”

Sam Horn


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