8 Tested Ways to boost
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I’ve been coaching brilliant women for over a decade. 

Qualified, ambitious, conscious women. Most of the time, they’re playing small, or proving themselves in jobs they’ve already earned. They’re more attuned to the ways they fall short than to the ways they’re needed. They’re waiting for someone to appreciate or validate them. 

Sounds familiar?

Stop depending on approval, appreciation, or achievement to feel good about yourself. 

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I'm Homaira

I’m a women’s confidence and leadership development coach, mentor and author, dedicated to igniting women’s potentials across all areas of life. My work is grounded in over a decade of professional experience, scientific study and psychological research on women’s confidence.

My new book Goodbye, Perfect offers an evidence-based path for women’s flourishing  so they experience more joy, ease, and success in life. It’s among the top 10 leadership books and top 50 psychology books of 2023.