Confidence Strategy Challenge

The research on women’s confidence shows that supportive relationships are one of the 3 key sources of feminine power. In fact, one of the reasons many women don’t feel confident in male-dominated workplaces or positions is not having other women around them who can help them believe in themselves when their own confidence falters.

Additionally, it’s almost impossible for women to advance in the workplace without the support of people who can open doors for them and provide them with opportunities for growth and success that they would otherwise not have access to. 

  • People who see your brilliance and can reflect it back to you. Women sometimes find it difficult to see our own strengths, or to value them—especially in workplaces where a different set of strengths are valued. Or when we receive negative feedback.

Champions don’t butter you up needlessly, nor are they afraid to point out your flaws for fear of upsetting you. Instead, they can see when you’re shying away from your brilliance and can challenge you because they have the same fire in your belly for your dreams as you do.

  • People who open their rolodex of contacts and opportunities for you. These are often people in more senior positions who have power and influence, are well aware of the glass ceiling, and committed to women’s advancement. 

So let’s start finding our champions!

The How

Step 1:

Think of something you
did today that you feel good about. 

Think of people who know your strengths and goals, and who believe in your potential.

In a workplace setting, it’s ideally your manager. But don’t count on that! Expand your network—build relationships with people who can support your career growth. And don’t limit yourself to those within your organization.

Identify mentors, sponsors, helpful colleagues, supportive friends and family. Join masterminds, professional associations, or women’s networks.

Step 2:

Now complete this sentence

Think of an area at work where you’re lacking confidence or coming up against external hurdles.

Who can help you get back on track? Who can help you believe in yourself, provide strategic feedback, or open doors for you? You may want to turn to more than one champion depending on what you need.

If you struggle with asking for help, you’re not alone! Women are generally good at building relationships, but not so good at leveraging them. We feel it’s “selfish”, even though it’s not. When you ask for help, you open the door for them to reach out to you too. How can you support them in their goals? You may want to ask them!

Step 3:

To build a habit of today’s strategy,