Confidence Strategy Challenge

We all tend to be a certain predictable way when we’re in our comfort zones. We exhibit traits that come most naturally to us, and for most women, these tend to be “feminine traits” like vulnerability, receptivity, kindness, collaboration etc. 

However, it’s understandable to want to leave the more feminine parts of yourself at the door when you enter the workplace, especially a male-dominated one. Or to exhibit highly masculine traits and qualities (logic, independence, assertiveness etc) in order to be taken seriously or to be valued or rewarded.

But here’s the thing: suppressing or over-expressing any trait isn’t a good idea. Both feminine and masculine traits exist in ALL of us regardless of gender. They’re like the yin and yang—and showing up with the right balance for the situation is what makes you brilliant.

For example, collaboration without decisiveness can become compromise or inaction. Similarly, assertiveness without empathy can turn into aggression or hasty and unwise action. 

This strategy is about taking ownership of your feminine traits because modern leadership requires us to lean into the language of love. AND to pivot from a nurturing mother to mama bear when you need to because studies show that compassion is both gentle and fierce

The How

Step 1:

Think of something you
did today that you feel good about. 

Think about how you show up at work each day.

Which values and qualities are you leading with? Is it feminine traits, masculine traits, or a balance of both? Would you like to change anything? How will you do so?

Step 2:

Now complete this sentence

Think about when you’ve faced challenges with grit and grace.

What qualities did you lead with? What’s the balance that supports your intentions and goals?

And what’s the balance that will support you in an area where you’re playing small or coming up against resistance? Which trait(s) will you dial up and which one(s) will you tone down?

Step 3:

To build a habit of today’s strategy,

Don’t forget to print / download today’s strategy. And do invite other women to join us on the challenge by sharing the link below. 🙏