Confidence challenge

Your quirks are the ways in which you show up, what you prioritize, or how you see the world that’s different to those around you. It’s your square pegs that don’t fit into society’s (or a workplace’s) round hole.

Many of us hide these parts of us because we want to fit in or be “socially acceptable”. We fear coming across as “too much” or “too emotional” or “too idealistic” or too something or the other.

But here’s the thing: your quirks are part of who you are, your authentic nature. They’re the very things that the world needs from you, those ideas or spark or perspective that only you can bring to the table.

As the beloved writer Mary Oliver wrote, your socially acceptable self makes the world go round. Your quirky self moves the world forward.

One of my quirks is that I well up with tears when I see or read something beautiful. When I try and read it aloud to my children, they beg me to stop crying ☹ 

But overtime, I’ve come to befriend, even fall in love with this part of me. It’s my square peg that has a deep appreciation for life’s beauty and brokenness. It allows me to feel one with the world, to write and create from my heart, and to commit to doing all I can to leave the world a little better than I found it.

Would I want to abandon all of that? Is it even responsible to do so?

The How

Step 1:

Think of something you
did today that you feel good about. 

Think of something about yourself that makes you cringe just a little, or that you wish you didn’t have, or that you hide away in order to fit in.

How has this been working for you? What does it stop you from experiencing? Has it been worth it?

Step 2:

Now complete this sentence

Now, how will you express it today in a safe way?

Because sure, there ARE certain rules we need to abide by to adapt to the setting we’re in. In the workplace, you need to be aware of written and unwritten rules. And then to decide how you’ll express yourself within them.

What will you do / create / express?

Trust me, when you embrace your quirks, you become interesting to other people. They’re drawn to your courage to be true to yourself. And authenticity is charismatic. Your square peg is your magnet!

Step 3:

To build a habit of today’s strategy,

To build a habit of today’s strategy, you can print out today’s strategy or download it and save it on your computer. I suggest creating a My Confidence Boosters folder for all the 8 strategies in the challenge so you can revisit them regularly.

If you know friends or family who will benefit from these strategies, please invite them to join us in the challenge by sharing the link below. We’re stronger together!