Today, I want to talk about obstacles. Because we all know that no path worth pursuing is free of them. If it is, you’ve set your goals too low and are capable of so much more.

Obstacles can be both external and internal. External obstacles are those challenges we face that are outside of us – as in limitations of time, or money or certain relationships. Internal obstacles are deep seated fears and negative beliefs, such as the fear of failure or a belief of inadequacy and of not being enough.

And then the journey to your goal begins. And like any journey, it’ll have its share of ups and downs and highs and lows. Things will not always go as planned. People will trigger you, and sometimes let you down. There will be distractions and many of them. You may lose sight of your goal more than once.

But in reality, we’re often too quick to externalize obstacles that live inside of us. For what I’ve found in coaching women from all over the world, pursuing unique dreams and facing unique challenges, is that often external obstacles are really internal blockages looking for reasons to keep us safe.

Many times over, I’ve heard coaching clients say things like “Oh but I can’t afford it”, or “I can’t possibly ask for a raise given my situation” or “I can’t take out the time to write my book”. There is a sigh of resignation that also relieves them of the responsibility of taking action. And by justifying their reasons, they save themselves the pain of uncovering deeper truths. But eventually, being held back by obstacles feeds into downward spirals of regret and decreasing self-worth.

For our greatest regrets are always about the chances we didn’t take and the obstacles we gave into.

If you’ve been delaying taking action, or letting external obstacles get in the way of pursuing your heart felt goals, here’s one secret to changing that. Instead of buying into the story of why you can’t take action, ask yourself “How can I do so?”. How can I find new streams of income? How can I have this important conversation? How can I take out the time to write my heart felt book?

And if the answer is “I don’t know” then ask yourself “Who can help me?” And if its “I don’t know anyone”, ask yourself “Who helped me in the past?” Or “Who helped my friend?” Or “Who would I want to help me?”

There are always solutions. Even if you have to eventually accept a closed door, remember that there are many doors to a purposeful life. Keep trying, keep experimenting, keep living life in a lab coat. Because you owe it to yourself, and to the gift of life.

And if you need help in this journey, please reach out! It’s my life’s purpose to help women find theirs so they make the most of their one and precious life. On our free half hour call, we’ll discuss how I can help you, and the different options you have of taking charge of your purposeful life!

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