Monthly challenges are tools to support an examined life

Given that we spend less than a quarter of our lives in conscious awareness, these challenges can help us step back from our instinctive behaviors, reflect on the fears and beliefs that make us react, and consciously behave in ways that are aligned with our values, our dreams and our highest selves.

Each month, we’ll have a new challenge in one of the scientifically backed pathways to a life of flourishing. Please reflect on the questions and practice them in your life in big and small ways over the course of the month. I hope that this journey of conscious living will bring you great happiness, success and fulfillment!

July is about Relationships

The reason I begin with relationships is because they are key to who we are as human beings. Positive relationships lead to better health, greater happiness, increased cooperation and success, and our ability to rise to a higher consciousness. And yet, relationships can also trigger us and consume us, and make us behave in ways that are contrary to how we want to show up in the world.

Think of one person’s behavior that triggers you.

  • How do you react?
  • What are the subconscious beliefs that surface?
  • How would the highest version of you respond?

So here’s the challenge: Every time you get triggered, hold your subconscious beliefs in a loving embrace and use empathy to respond with compassion.

Please do write down your struggles and successes in the comments below.

 I want these monthly challenges to be a space for support and connection so that we help each other rise to our best possible selves!


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