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Be a quitter, be free

It’s Not Bad To Be a Quitter

Discover why embracing the mindset to “be a quitter” might be the key to unlocking fulfillment and success in life.

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Find the best strategy to reach your goals

3-Step Strategy To Reach Your Goals More Easily

Discover a strategy to reach your goals with this 3-step approach. Shift from motivation to identity, create a structure, and seek guidance from your…

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Work with intentionality

4 Questions to Help You Live and Work with More Intentionality

Learn to work with more intentionality and overcome reactive thoughts. Gain mental discipline to align with your goals and aspirations.

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Women in male-dominated industries

How Women Can Own Their Power in Male-Dominated Industries

Gain confidence in male-dominated industries and learn to silence your inner critic and own your brilliance. Thrive in STEM professions!

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Group of women. They build better workplace relatioships

Framework: How to Build Better Workplace Relationships

Learn how to build better workplace relationships with practical strategies and a structured framework. Enhance collaboration and productivity today!

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Learn how to achieve your goals

How to Achieve Your Goals: 4 Questions That Can Help

Discover the power of asking 4 key questions on how to achieve your goals in 2024. Uncover the path to success and fulfillment with expert insights.

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Feeling disappointed because your efforts don't bring results?

Feeling Disappointed That Your Efforts Aren’t Bringing Results?

Navigate the challenges of putting in effort without seeing results. Overcome the struggles of feeling disappointed with motivational guidance.

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This year learn to avoid burning yourself out

Too Much to Do? Avoid Burning Yourself Out As the Year Ends

Discover effective strategies to avoid burning yourself out and nurture your well-being. Explore self-care practices and energy management for a…

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Advocate for Doing Less at Work

How to Advocate for Doing Less at Work When You’re Burned Out

Discover how to advocate for doing less at work to prevent burnout. Empower yourself with our 4-step plan for a balanced, healthier life. 

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Why am I losing confidence as I get older? What happened?

Why am I losing confidence as I get older? What happened?

Many women start losing confidence in themselves as they get older and advance in their careers. Here’s why and what you can do about it. I …

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Decision-Making Rules

3 Rules for Happier Decision-Making

Discover the art of happier living through mindful decision-making. Explore 3 essential rules for mastering better choices.

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How To Thrive At Work As A Sensitive Person

This article first appeared on Forbes A casual remark from your friend or partner, and you can’t let go of it. You know it was said …

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Does Visualizing Your Success Actually Get You There

A while back, I picked up a couple of self-improvement books to help me in the change I wanted in certain areas of my life. Interestingly, …

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From Setback to Comeback: Navigating Transitions

Go From Setback to Comeback: 3 Steps for Navigating Transitions

Feeling stuck while navigating transitions? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Follow these three steps to turn your setback into a comeback.

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3 Simple Hacks To Help You Take Risks

Are you struggling to make decisions and take action? These three simple hacks will help you overcome your fears and take risks with confidence. Are…

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