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Midlife Gifts

Unlocking the Depth of Midlife’s Gifts

Discover three unexpected treasures of midlife. Explore the transformative journey of finding gifts in the midst of change and growth.   I remember…

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The 4 Stages Of Working Through Transitions

First published on forbes.com I’ve been thinking of transitions lately, and what they mean for our lives. Perhaps it’s because of the…

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Forgiving isn’t the same as forgetting. Here’s how to know the difference.

Forgiveness is one of those topics that brings up two very strong and opposing instincts—the desire to rise to our highest self vs the need to …

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Do You Live In Your Body (Or In Your Head)?

I’ve been thinking about how as women, we stand at this strange crossroads in our collective journey. For all our progress, here we are back to …

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Here’s What You’re Likely NOT Doing in Your Relationships

What comes to mind when you think about celebration in your relationships? Birthdays? Anniversaries? Major milestones where we dress up, go out for…

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Feel like an imposter? Fight against imposter syndrome with gratitude

Feel Like An Imposter? Here’s What You Must Do

Feel like an imposter? Discover how celebration can help you combat the Imposter Syndrome and step into your true brilliance.   When you think about…

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Seeing The Beauty In Small Things

You know the feeling when Spring rolls around and life feels full of promise again? The daffodils come back, the grass reappears beneath the snow,…

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Let Go of Perfection and Control

Why Learning to Let Go of Perfection is a Constant Struggle

Perfectionism can be a double-edged sword. Learn why letting go of perfection is a constant struggle and the things I do to overcome it. Are you …

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