I was a shy girl with limited education and an eating disorder. Today, I’m proud to have created a life and career that allows me to be of service to thousands of women around the world.

As a women’s personal growth and leadership development coach, I help women experience the joy, success, and fulfillment that comes from being true to ourselves, our gifts, values, and callings.

Everything I offer is backed not only by science, but by the hard-won wisdom of continuously bringing awareness to my human instincts and tendencies, and doing the lifelong work of rising above them.


The Turning Point

You would think that winning the battle with an eating disorder was the turning point in my life.

It wasn’t.

I broke free of one prison only to dive headlong into another—the prison of pushing, perfecting, pleasing, and proving where millions of us are locked away.

I was living trapped inside my own head. And I knew I wasn’t living at all.

My greatest fear was getting to the end and regretting my wasted chance at life. 

Thus began my graduate studies in Positive Psychology that confirmed what overcoming the eating disorder had already shown me: Not dying isn’t the same as living.

My postgraduate research on what it means to live fully not only unlocked everything for me personally, it also upended everything we know about how women flourish.

Helping women feel alive and function as their best selves is the driving force of my life and work.

I believe there’s nothing in life you can’t experience, achieve, create or overcome—as long as you’re willing to befriend who you are as you are, and to take responsibility for growing into who you’re here to become.

My work is built on the bedrock of love and commitment to your flourishing because I know that when grounded women rise, they lift those around them. In a weary world where the current power paradigm is tearing us apart, we need a groundswell of flourishing women.

Emotional freedom is my biggest core value. I believe breaking free of the shoulds and expectations of an internalized patriarchy is the path to our biggest and boldest lives. If this resonates with you, I hope you will join our community so I can send you weekly emails that inspire you to build more joy, love, prosperity, and purpose in your one wild and beautiful life.

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  • My new book Goodbye, Perfect offers a roadmap to flourishing based on my research and bound together with my personal journey and professional stories.
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