I was a shy girl with limited education and an eating disorder. Today, I’m proud to have created a life and career that allows me to be of service to thousands of women around the world.

With a dual master’s degree in positive psychology (the science of a meaningful life) and coaching psychology, and postgraduate research on a woman’s path to leadership and flourishing, I help competent and conscious women just like you pursue their highest potentials with joy and ease.

Everything I offer is backed not only by science, but by my own hard-won wisdom, first with overcoming the eating disorder, and then with saying goodbye to the pushing, perfecting, pleasing, and proving that were the driving forces of my life.


It all began as I was nearing my fortieth birthday. I could sense that there was a bigger life that wanted to be lived through me. But I didn’t quite know what it was. Or how to find it, much less live it.

All I knew was that if I didn’t, I would shortchange 
my potential and live with regret.

That’s when I enrolled in my graduate studies and did the research that not only unlocked everything for me personally, but it also upended everything we know about how women flourish.

Most of us lose connection with who we are, what we want, and what lights us up as we go through life because we receive no end of messaging on who and how we should be. From very early on, we reject parts of us others don’t like in order to be liked, to fit in, or to succeed.

I learnt that to live the kind of life you and I want to live—to experience joy, connection, and authenticity on the path to our highest ambitions and deepest aspirations—we need to first re-connect to our feminine sources of power.

We need to first take the journey inward to who we are, and the beliefs, choices, and dreams that define us. It’s only then that we can build a life that makes us feel radiantly alive and fiercely committed to what truly matters.

A woman’s path to flourishing is not a rising. It’s an emerging.

I believe that there’s nothing in life that you can’t experience, achieve, create or overcome—as long as you’re willing to befriend who you are, to face the stories you’ve been telling yourself, and to take ownership of the truth that needs to be lived through you.

I’m here for the
awakening woman

I’ve a hunch you’re here because you’re done being the object of other people’s desires and ready to become the subject of your own life. 

You’re ready to stop twisting yourself like a pretzel to fit into boxes that the world defined for you and step into your own power and potential. 

You’re ready to stop giving at the expense of your joy and health and create fulfilling relationships of respectful boundaries and healthy give and take.

You’re ready to stop denying and torturing your body and tune in to what you want to eat, when you want to rest, and how you want to take care of your well-being.

You’re ready to awaken to something bigger that wants to be lived through you. A vision that excites you and invites you to become the women you were always meant to be.

I’m here to help you on your journey.

My work is built on the bedrock of love and commitment to your flourishing because I know that when grounded women rise, they lift those around them. This is how we’ll change the current power paradigm and create a world where everyone feels a sense of belonging and has the freedom to do the work that speaks to their hearts and brings out the best in them.

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