Transformational Coaching

for BIG results

without the overwhelm

As a competent and conscious woman, you want to make a positive difference through your presence in the world. You have ambitions and aspirations for your work, your health, your relationships.

But you feel stuck.

You know that pushing yourself harder is not the answer. You’ve been there and it hasn’t worked. And now you long for more joy and ease without compromising your goals.

How Can Transformational Coaching Help?

Transformational coaching begins with the inner work of untethering yourself from unhelpful beliefs and mindsets that make you push yourself so hard, and grounding yourself in the most resourced and generative aspects of yourself.

This is the ground from which you create 10x the change you want with joy and ease.

Remember, not all change is transformation. When your beliefs are disempowered (and they are in areas where we feel stuck), you will push and strive and go to extreme lengths to get results, but it’s a joyless and often short-lived journey.

Imagine how different you would feel if you…

  • weren’t caught up in perfection or the need to prove yourself 
  • didn’t feel like an imposter or struggle with nagging self-doubt 
  • were excited when faced with challenges or opportunities for growth 
  • had the confidence to trust yourself and your team 
  • could ask for support or appreciation from a place of self-worth
  • felt comfortable being visible while still figuring things out 
  • weren’t constantly worried about what others think of you
  • could deal with failure or criticism with grace, and not shame or blame 
  • were more attuned to your body and its signals than to your fears

But here’s the thing…

You cannot identify unhelpful beliefs by yourself because they exist mostly outside of conscious awareness. And from this hidden iceberg, they show up as behaviors, choices and expectations that create self-fulfilling loops and reconfirm your beliefs.


That’s where I come in



For over a decade, I’ve been helping women experience the profound shifts that happen when we liberate ourselves from unhelpful and disempowered beliefs and engage in the work of growth from a place of joy, confidence and possibility.

With a dual master’s degree in Positive Psychology (the science of flourishing) and Coaching Psychology, postgraduate research on women’s confidence, and my own personal experience with striving from a place of lack and insecurity, I’m all in to help you experience the results you want in your life, love, or leadership.

Homaira Kabir Media Roll

“Working with Homaira has been wonderful in so many ways. Her warmth and understanding really stood out for me. I often felt like I was babbling on about a million things, but she was able to draw out the deepest insights from my “babble” and I have been astonished by how she’s been able to connect the dots for me.”


“When I was looking for someone to help me navigate a difficult time in my work and relationship life, I turned to Homaira for coaching. Her ability to show understanding and empathy was comforting. She provided me with self-reflection exercises that helped uncover some of my limiting beliefs. As a result, I was able to more confidently make decisions. Homaira is a woman of grace and wisdom – I would not hesitate to recommend her for speaking or coaching engagements.”


“It was a real enriching experience working with you! It gave me the “clarity” to find what was really missing in my life, and the practical tools to be able to have a much more balance life. Now I have a ritual everyday of asking myself this two questions: “Did I do something today to make myself happy” and “Did I do something today to feel deeply connected with someone” I’m so grateful for your help.”


A Tested Methodology

My coaching methodology is based on a human reality: who you are in the accomplishment of your vision is what separates the top 1% of people who achieve long term success from the rest. 

When clients go through my 3-part methodology, they experience 10x the growth (instead of slow and short-lived gains) because they’re working on the key habits, mindsets, and skills and capacities that will create the results they want in any area of life.

Stage 1

Liberate yourself

We begin by exploring beliefs, accompanything behaviors, choices and decisions, and resulting gaps in skills and capacities.

Stage 2

Own your greatness

We then work on tapping into your soulforce, and building structures in your day that help you show up with confidence and radiance.

Stage 3

Take targeted action

Finally, we create your path to possibility and I support you fully through the ups and downs while holding you accountable to your potential.

2 ways we can work together


If you’re feeling stuck and unable to achieve the results you want in your health, work, relationships, or any aspect of life, we’ll work through my 3 part methodology to help you reach your goals in a far more joyful and intentional way.


If you know there are deeper fears and limiting beliefs that are holding you back, or you want clarity and confidence for the next stage in your life, we’ll work through my research-backed framework of authenticity and flourishing.

“I went to Homaira to help me navigate some pretty unhealthy personal relationships. Not only did she help with that tremendously, but she also helped me to see what my passions are and to shake a lot of guilt and other negative emotions I had been dealing with for years. She gave me weekly homework which was very helpful to check in with myself between sessions, and I was always sent home with notes, coping skills, charts, etc. Thanks, Homaira!”


“I went to Homaira to help me deal with some career challenges and developments in a new role. The work I have done with Homaira has enabled me to have a much clearer understanding of my values and character strengths, which has allowed me to re-define some of my key professional and personal goals and to start to work towards them in a positive, confident and balanced way. A really worthwhile and valuable experience.”


“I reached out to Homaira because her emails would often address a topic just as I was grappling with it myself – in a way that really spoke to me. Her coaching provided me with the examples, appropriate exercises as well as feedback on my thought processes. I found her to be extremely attuned to the biases we women bring to life decisions and as the month progressed I could feel myself changing perspective, feeling more confident about decisions I needed to take.”


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