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The Heroine’s Journey

The truth every woman needs to know about why she’s struggling to create the life she wants.

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The Heroine’s Journey

The truth every woman needs to know about why she feels stuck and disempowered in any area of her life.

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I’m Homaira and
I’m so glad you’re here!

I’ve spent over a decade studying women’s flourishing, and what gets in the way of us experiencing joy, success, meaning and contentment in life.


It’s not for lack of trying. In fact, we often try too hard.


The #1 thing that keeps brilliant and conscious women from experiencing the lives we deserve is being disconnected from the most resourceful parts of ourselves.


Everything on this website is to help you stand in your power and grow the skills and capacities that close the gap between where you are and where you want to be. I describe my work as ‘science with a soul’—it’s fully backed by research, yet deeply influenced by what it is to be human and how to be drawn by the heartbeat of our own why.



8 Tested ways to Boost
Your Confidence at Work

Get the same strategies that are helping thousands of women be confident, visible, supported, and authentic, even in male dominated workplaces.  


Science and Soul

From stories and wisdom to career and relationship coaching, parenting advice and everything in between, you’ll find what you need to inspire and empower you in your life, love, and leadership.


Goodbye, Perfect

Goodbye, Perfect is more than tools to let go of perfection. It’s a research-backed labor of love that offers women their unique journey to joy and success in life, love, and leadership. 

More to Explore

Media and Interviews that dive deeper into Homaira’s work, the research on the right kind of confidence, and practical strategies to create more joy, success, and fulfillment in our lives — with a lot of candor and laughs.


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“If you’re looking for a page-turning read on how to stop people-pleasing and start being proactive on behalf of your own best self, this book’s for you. Read it and reap.”

Sam Horn

Author of Tongue Fu! and Someday Is Not A Day In The Week


“A voice of tranquility and grace, Homaira gave a beautiful talk for us at Happify Health on increasing peace in our relationships. Participants found practical ways to have more respectful interactions and build more trusting relationships. They also connected with a deeper wisdom that helped them walk away with open hearts for their relationships at home and at work.”

Abby Frackenpohl

Senior Manager of Content, Happify Health


“Subscribing to the program has been one of the most validating and valuable experiences I have committed to in a long while. Homaira is a gifted psychologist/ coach who brings a deep knowledge of Positive Psychology and research to the program, combined with genuine empathy, intuition and wisdom. The former promotes clarity and understanding among participants, while the latter fosters a growing self-confidence, self-compassion, awareness and insight. The lessons are stimulating and informative and the calls are empowering with Homaira adeptly creating a safe and supportive group environment which promotes meaningful sharing, discussion and learning. I highly recommend the program to any woman who seriously wants to get clear on who she is, where her strengths lie, what matters to her and how to express herself authentically in the world.”

Lizanne Nights

Coaching Client


“Working with Homaira has been wonderful in so many ways. Her warmth and understanding really stood out for me. I often felt like I was babbling on about a million things, but she was able to draw out the deepest insights from my “babble” and I have been astonished by how she’s been able to connect the dots for me.”

Jing Lin

Coaching Client


"Goodbye Perfect combines scientific rigor and heartfelt passion to help women let go of the behaviors that get in the way of their joy and flourishing. Its powerful vision is to enable all of us to live authentic and purposeful lives."

Dorie Clark

Wall Street Journal bestselling author of The Long Game and executive education faculty, Duke University Fuqua School of Business


“When I was looking for someone to help me navigate a difficult time in my work and relationship life, I turned to Homaira for coaching. Her ability to show understanding and empathy to my situation was comforting. She provided me with a number of self-reflection exercises that helped uncover some of my limiting beliefs. As a result of her guidance, I was able to more confidently make decisions that have aligned with my core values. Homaira is a woman of grace and wisdom – I would not hesitate to recommend her for speaking or coaching engagements.”

Coleen Coady

Coaching Client


“The training resonated with all our female leaders and led to deep and transformative insights. Homaira’s compelling approach combines the latest cutting-edge research with simple, evidence-based practices to make measurable change. She also knows how to engage an audience intellectually and emotionally and ensure that every participant feels heard and empowered. ”

Jessica Amortegui

Senior Director, Executive Development, LinkedIn


“Homaira Kabir is the voice we need now to help women find their own voice. Through her work and presence, she gifts us not only with her brilliance and passion, but with an actionable framework for self-confidence that women can implement- starting today.”

Sandra Joseph

Coaching Client


“Homaira’s work has helped so many women because women can struggle to face their fears. She brings years of sound research and experience that gets to the heart of change, and not the same old that keeps women stuck. If you find yourself avoiding fears, she can help you, because there are so many more successes women can realize! ”

Nancy Clark

Coaching Client

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